The Smalltet is a duo (Terry on keys plus Nigel Thomas on bass and vocals) Go to the contact page (click on "contact me" above) for an email quote or call Terry directly on 01273 673914 or 07970 675962

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The Smalltet: Terry Seabrook and Nigel Thomas

Two top Brighton Jazz musicians who have been making music together for over 20 years play well known songs from The Great American Songbook, bossa novas from Brazil as well as some contemporary songs sung by Nigel.

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Terry also has the following jazz groups:
A Fusion Trio called Triversion
A Latin Jazz group called Cubana Bop
A small Latin Trio with Tristan Banks and Raul D’Olivera called Quinto
A quartet called Quiet Nights
A jazz sextet called Milestones performing music by and inspired by Miles Davis including the songs from the iconic album Kind of Blue
A Jazz Trio with Spike Wells and Paul Whitten
A Jazz Organ Trio with Tristan Banks and Luke Rattenbury called The Org