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This is a new Quintet (Autumn 2016) with some of my favourite musicians (see caption right of picture). This band follows on from Milestones (which focused on the music of Miles Davis) and in this new quintet we explore the music of one of Miles’s most important sidemen, the saxophonist Wayne Shorter. He was a prolific composer for all of the bands in which he played: Art Blakey’s Messengers, The Miles Davis Quintet, Weather Report, plus those bands which he led. Selecting from his catalogue has been hard because there is so much great and original music that Shorter has written.

We haven’t recorded in a studio set yet but to get a idea of what our set sounds like you can hour live performances on you tube (below)

Wayne 1 Wayne 3
More info on Wayne Shorter on wikipedia

We are also playing some new music which draws on Wayne Shorter as an inspiration.

We are looking to tour in 2017 so you can contact me at: or go to the Contact Me page

Terry also has the following jazz groups:

A Fusion Trio called Triversion
A Latin Jazz group called Cubana Bop
A small Latin Trio with Tristan Banks and Raul D’Olivera called Quinto
A duo with Nigel Thomas called The Smalltet
A quartet called Quiet Nights
A jazz sextet called Milestones performing music by and inspired by Miles Davis including the songs from the iconic album Kind of Blue
A Jazz Trio with Spike Wells and Paul Whitten
A Jazz Organ Trio with Tristan Banks and Luke Rattenbury called The Org